Review: Mayfair by Crowned Jewels

imageWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think Titanium? Jewelry, sporting goods, medical implants, maybe even David Guetta. A dildo is defiantly not one of them.

When I first discovered Crowned Jewels, I thought they were glass. They looked so smooth and delicate. Little did I know that they were actually titanium, and if needed, I could single handedly use my Mayfair to knock out any unwanted intruder that set foot into my home! Who needs a weapon for protection when you’ve got a titanium dildo!

But in all seriousness, these truly are one of a kind pieces of art, and not just any kind of art. You can shove these ones deep inside you. Sure your not going to find these at your local arts and craft show. After all, they are Crowned Jewels. They’re not meant for just anyone! These products are by far the most luxurious pieces I’ve ever seen.

Crowned Jewels is a company that was created by engineers and goldsmiths. They specialize in luxurious adult toys and accessories. Working out of a 300 year old barn in Norfolk, the artisans behind Crowned Jewels bring a new use to titanium.

I remember my husbands first reaction when he saw my Mayfair, (He is an engineer by trade) “Do you realize how much machining went into that!” he said. If he is impressed, than I am definitely in awe.

imageI received my Mayfair in record time. They shipped it on a Monday from the UK, and I received the shipping notice the very next day. I’m in Canada, so i’m a little impressed! As of right now, Crowned Jewels holds the title for the best toy packaging ever! First of all, it was very discrete. “Shaped and Curved Titanium Rod” My Mayfair came in a very fancy package sealed with a wax stamp! I felt like royalty. I’ve never been so excited to open up a package in all my life! I wish all my toys could arrive this way! But this is not the case. If you want the royalty experience, your gonna have to order yourself something from Crowned Jewels!

Top Ten Features
1. The Mayfair is made from medical grade titanium.
2. It’s hypoallergenic.
3. This toy is highly polished to avoid any friction or drag that’s usually associated with most silicone toys.
4. Minimal lubricant is required.
5. It’s suitable for temperature play.
6. The Mayfair is available in a wide selection of anodized colors, or simply in its natural state, silver.
7. This toy is easy to clean. Just use a mild soap with warm water, and make sure to use a soft drying cloth to avoid scratches.
8. It measures approximately 1 1/8″x7 1/8″ (WxL).
9. This titanium gem comes with its very own storage pouch to store and keep it safe.
10. The Mayfair is suitable for both vaginal and anal play.

What you get

Getting to know the Mayfair
The Mayfair, along with all of Crowned Jewels products are made from a medical grade titanium.

The Mayfair features five globes along its 7 1/8 inch length. The tip of the Mayfair holds the key. It’s the largest of the five globes. With its curved shaft, the Mayfair is designed for stimulating your g-spot (or p-spot), or anywhere else that demands a little extra attention.

To clean your Mayfair, simply use warm water and a mild soap. Make sure to use a soft cloth when drying it. You wouldn’t want to scratch or tarnish it in any way. Don’t be alarmed if your Crowned Jewel changes colors while wet. It will go back to normal when it’s dry again.

Me time
The first time I tried my Mayfair it almost gave my vagina the chills! Titanium can be very cold. From that moment, I now rest my Mayfair on my abdomen for about 5-10 mins so that it can warm up to my body’s temperature. Alternatively if you feel like leaving your bed, you can use warm running water to do the same.

The Mayfair is one of the smaller toys I own in the width department. With a width of 1 1/8″, getting it inside me isn’t a problem. If your wet enough, you won’t need any lubrication. It slides in and out very easily.

Since this is the second dildo I’ve ever used in all my life, and it just so happens to be made from titanium, I had some concerns. I have never used anything other than silicone, and I was worried that because it is so hard, I would have trouble getting off. I’ve never used something that isn’t soft or squishy and that doesn’t bend a little. Surprisingly I love the way it feels on the inside. It’s so sleek and hard. I love the way the globes feel when I thrust it in and out. It’s just heavenly.

imageThe shape, size, and design of the Mayfair make it very easy to locate and stimulate my G-Spot. The globes provide an easy grip, and the size allows you to manipulate it easily in just the right angle for maximum pleasure.

I’ve used my Mayfair alone and with another toy. I’ve been able to get off easily both ways but I have to have some clitoral stimulation as well. On its own it just doesn’t cut it. Luckily my hands work just fine, and if I’m feeling a little lazy, I can easily reach for my Siri. It’s the perfect size to not get in the way.

I tried masturbating with my Mayfair after sex. My muscles were sore and I found it very uncomfortable. Almost like my body was rejecting the Titanium. So just don’t use it right after sex and you’ll be fine!

Travelling with the Mayfair
I’m going to be honest. I planed on bringing it on my last trip, but then I left late, and didn’t want to risk getting held up at security so I left it in the car.

When I say risk getting held up, I actually mean it. As soon as my bag were to go through the security scanners, my Mayfair would light up like fireworks on the 4th of July. The titanium would not go unseen, and then there would be the gruelling process of the Trans-border Security Agents searching my bag, and then me having to explaining what it is. Sometimes you just don’t have the time for that.

In the end, had I brought it, I would have not even had the chance to use it. We had to divert because of an on board medical emergency, and my layover was cut really short. I ended up sleeping the whole time as my duty day was stretched to 16.5 hours (which is really long. The max it can ever hit is 17 hours for unforeseen circumstances. Typically we don’t go over 12 hours). By the time I ate something and went to bed, I had been up for 30 hours straight! You would think that after all that I would have slept amazingly. You would be wrong. I woke up a bunch of times during the night. At one point I thought there was someone in my room staring at me. Well I’m happy to be home. Hopefully my next flight is much better than that one! If you are wondering, the doctors on board said that the passenger would be fine. He just needed medical attention that we couldn’t give him in the air.

If you are travelling with this toy, I would pack it in your checked baggage! On a positive note, you don’t need to worry about any unplanned vibrations!

The Verdict
imageI love this product! I think I love it more because it’s so different from what I am used to. The only thing I would change is the width. I wish it had a bit more girth, but it still does its job so I have no real complaints!

The Mayfair is a little on the expensive side. I don’t think it’s the toy your average consumer would buy for themselves, but it would be the perfect gift for someone special. As mentioned above, this toy can be used both vaginally and anally. It’s perfect for whoever your special someone is! Alternatively you can just treat yourself! Who am I to judge.

Is it worth it? Of all the toys I own, I know this one will most definitely outlast the rest, so even though it is expensive, at least you know your investment will last a lifetime. One amazingly positive feature is that it doesn’t attract cat hair or lint!

Just watch out for porcelain sinks or ceramic tiles. If you drop this beauty, it’s gonna cause some damage!

Please remember that these are my sole opinions, and you might not have the same results that I had with the Mayfair!


Where to buy
Crowned Jewels $380.00 CAD (£188.00)

**The Mayfair was sent to me free of charge from Crowned Jewels for my honest and non-biassed review**

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